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Fine Timepieces

The Wristwatch Functionality, image,  investment, or all three? When you think of a watch, you typically think of the function it serves you each day.  It tells you if you are running late for work or picking up the kids, or if you are going to miss the first few minutes at the cinema.  For […]

Celebrity Owned

celebrity owned items

Celebrity Owned Items previously owned by musicians, actors, sports icons. Evening wear, guitars, vehicles, jewelry, art, pianos, personal items, and more.  The excitement of winning an auction as the highest bidder is exciting on its own, but it can be especially thrilling if the item was previously owned by a music, sports, or Hollywood icon.  […]

Rolex Submariner


The Rolex Submariner is the best dive buddy you can have. A true divers watch by design.
If it’s good enough for James Bond it’s…

Luxury Auctions

Designer items for sale in Las Vegas

• Luxury Auctions • designer items ◦ designer brands ◦ luxury brands ◦ celebrity owned ◦ luxury auction ◦ designer resale Designer items, luxury items, and rare collectibles are sold for a host of reasons. Celebrities for example rarely want to be photographed in the same outfit twice so they regularity consign items in their […]