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Designer items, luxury items, and rare collectibles are sold for a host of reasons.

Celebrities for example rarely want to be photographed in the same outfit twice so they regularity consign items in their wardrobe, especially the most memorable gowns, because they know it will not be worn again. Socialites and other high profile people have the same conundrum.

Other classic resale situations are items that are no longer in style.  People, both men and women, are captivated by the newest Rolex or the newest handbag and wearing versions of past years just isn’t going to fly any longer.  Selling the old, then using the proceeds to buy new, makes sence to many people.  Just like trading in a car for a newer model. 

People also sell because they simply don’t use the items any longer. Typically because they have already purchased  something bigger and better.  Face it, people shopping at Chanel are seldom one-time buyers, instead they keep up with changing styles. Even most people have some sort of jewelry or watch from high school that has not seen the light of days in years, or decades.  Out with the old and in with the new has never been more true and with the price of gold at an all time high, it is prudent to turn your unwanted gold into cash.      

Moving and scaling back, wanting to get down to just the basics is often the situation as well. Moving into a new space with only the items you love is a great feeling.  

And sometimes a distressed sale is needed. People need to raise funds quickly and consigning items such as Hermes bags, Rolex watches, or Chanel collectibles is a good way to do so.



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